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Remove copper from water

It is really dangerous if they find copper in our water homes. We can not consume it and also have to go to the doctor to check the condition of our body because maybe we have much copper in our body and it from the water we drink. The effect of consuming copper is wide. Maybe can feel nauseous and easy abdominal pain but it only felt in a short term. For the long-term effect is dead. Maybe that is too creepy but in fact, we must remain vigilant to consume the water. If we contact Calliduse to clean our water and check the materials on it, we can prevent the bad condition.

They also allow us to see their work with access at They are the professional in the case of water especially to analyze the quality of the water. Prevent is better than cure, therefore, before you get more effect from copper that exist in your water, you clean your water home and make it clean and healthy to drink.