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Watch this before choosing a beach house!

Are you looking for a house with a convenient location and can help you relax? Seaside Residences can be your choice, located not far from the East Coast Park, we offer the beauty of staying on the beach with a luxurious way. Fraser Centrepoint building a condo that you can make your choice of residence. In addition, by living on the edge panta, you will also feel the coolness of the beach itself. so what are you waiting for? Visit our website and book your condo!

What should you consider before choosing a beach house?

For a beach home architecture, Mediterranean-style buildings tend to have pastel colours will make the house bright. But for the coastal environment that has a tropical climate and tends to heat, the shape of the building may be implemented. Surely it would be more appropriate if you pair it with utilising climate tends to heat. Because of the architecture of the Mediterranean can be paired with a traditional style tropical house warm and sunny every year. Thus you can put the patio or gazebo or perhaps deck as an additional building to the outside so that you or the family can use it to enjoy the beautiful sea views while sunbathing or relaxing.

To the outside of the house, you should plant a lot of plants waterfront such as evergreen plants or other crops that suit the soil conditions in the soil you have. The crops you grow will hinder your house buffeted by winds that often hit firmly on the waterfront. Besides environment tends to heat and dust will be reduced by selecting the tall plants in your home environment. The house will be cooler and the air will feel fresh and not too pungent with the number of plants you choose to decorate your garden.

For a beach home architecture the main part of the building, choose the forward side of the beautiful coastal views. Both the living room and the bedroom you can get up to facing the beach so the view seems to be very beautiful and spacious. For building material, you can combine it with elements of wood to create a beautiful wooden house, combined with concrete construction for strengthening it.