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How to take care of your geek t shirts

One type of shirt that many people wear by teens are t-shirts. Apart from good to wear, geek t shirts distribution also has a pretty good design so as to increase the sense of simply believing in yourself. But you do not want it if the pet cool geek t shirts to be ugly or damaged? In fact there are guidelines for caring for clothes favorite distro got you so durable.

This she Caring Kaos Distro to Keep Good, Here are some ways to keep geek t shirts favorite ye be nice to use: Another important thing that should be avoided in washing clothes geek t shirts is not soak clothes distro too long because it can damage the fibers of fabric, color, and also screen printing, but it also can cause a bad odor. You can only be a maximum 1 hour soaking wrote. Not washing use a washing machine to wash clothes distributions avoid using the washing machine because it can make the material of the dress shop is to be stretched. I checked quite a bit that has been soaked by using hands. Before washing geek t shirts separate first from a clothing store that is easy to wear off with that does not fade, and T-shirts were very dirty in the not too dirty so as to prevent the occurrence of a run or attachment of dirt geek t shirts were very dirty. When washing clothes distributions do not use bleach because it can damage the color and also can damage the fabric to make a rough texture and print images easily peel.

Avoid using a brush, While washing avoid using a brush because it can destroy the knitted cloth armor and damage the screen, in addition also avoid squeeze out of geek t shirts too strong because it can make the fabric fibers to be stretched. Drying upside-down, sunning When efforts are made to reverse the outside of clothing so that its position is on the inside, geek t shirts is able to prevent color fading from the sting of the sun rays.