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Transactions Requiring Social Security cards

Our—number has been used for some different ways daily, The le itimac of the person or the company we are dealln with becomes the bi issu o understand more onflnumbers check this link out social security card . Because of the hundreds of uses of our—number, many Individuals are taking advantage of this fact The worst part is. these people are unscrupulous, and they use this for their gain

Subscribing to postpaid mobile plans is one of the many transactions that require us to disclose our-numberv This action will require you to pay a certain amount every month and you are locked in for a given period This business deal usually happens over the phone wherein an indiVIdual receives a phone call, more generally known as a telemarketing call. asking them to sign up for a postpaid plan

The flow of the conversation starts With an opening spiel together by the sales pitch made by the telemarketer. And if you agree to do it, the telemarketer will ask for pieces of Information like your full name,contact numbers, address and they often ask for two valid IDs, primary and secondary The worst part is
when ou agree to do it, that’s the time they drop the bomb, and they tell you that they only accept-
‘number as your primary identification and for secondary ID they give you options like driver’s license
company ID and others

Knowing whether you are dealing with a legitimate company that the telemarketer says he’s representing
becomes the big dilemma for those who are interested to subscribe to the plan We have to remember that as
customers, it’s our right to say no if they ask for your—number, But if you become so engrossed
With the thing that the telemarketer is offering you then you can request them to call you back so you can
check whether they are legit or note

Also. in your a number- you can find a toll-free number, and iou can call thal number In case you have questions about the things to consider before giving out your number, especially over the phone