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Tips on using domain

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Here are some tips for using the domain:

1. If possible, avoid the addition of words or characters that do not need to be on your domain. For example the use of numbers, hyphens, or additional letters. This can affect the power of the SEO of a site. But if it should be forced to add personality to a domain, then you should use the minus sign (-).

2. Do not buy a domain name that has become a trademark, such as an amazon. Do not even think of buying a domain that is similar to the domain because it is likely you will be prosecuted by the trademark owner’s company.

3. We recommend that you use the Top Level Domain (TLD) end it with dot com for your domain name. TLD is a domain extension that most memorable for person. For example, when there is a domain with the same words (eg, perfume), most people will try to open a dot com extension site beforehand to check the availability of domain names.

4. We recommend that you do keyword research first before choosing a domain name, try to keep your domain name contains the keywords of your business, it has quite a lot of searches on search engines, and competition is the key word is not too difficult. Use the help of Google Keyword Planner to help you find keywords that are suitable for your domain name.

5. When you create a website / personal blog, then you should consider using your name or your nickname as a domain. It helps people who read it knows that you are the owner of that website.